Honesty in a relationship is a natural result of unconditional acceptance.
What is it for?

What is it for?

Knowledge asks a simple question: what it is for? Everything that exists, everything we do, say, dream of, want, have, or achieve is for some purpose. What is the purpose?

What is it for? To ask, and then truly answer this question is to awaken to the realm of complete knowledge. In the next few days, we see past the impermanent, the situations, the mistakes, the misery, and the failures. Our vision will become so clear that now we can avoid the challenges, the drama, the errors, the misguided pursuits for the simple reason that we will now understand what it is all for.

Spiritual vision sees beyond what something is, beyond strategies, beyond symbols or possessions, beyond roles, beyond status and beyond all else that exists within the realm of perception.

What are you doing everything for? What do you not already possess that you wholly want?

We continue with this topic tomorrow.