What is it for?
Punishment is the root of violence on our planet. (Marshall Rosenberg)

What is it for?

Yesterday we asked a question that leads to an awakening: what is it for?

Now you have the answer to this question. This is what you wholly want.

Perhaps you want perfect, unending love. Maybe you want to be appreciated, respected or adored. Maybe you want to make a difference. Or maybe you want perfect health, to have fun, or to feel good.

Is it possible that, all this time, you have been pursuing what you wholly want, but you have been doing it indirectly and looking in the wrong place? No matter how badly you want it, you will never find it in external form. Nothing real, nothing of any value or meaning can be found in a situation, or in a particular relationship, or in an accomplishment, or in a status symbol or possession.

Every step you have taken to find what you want within the realm of the external has led you further away from what you want. All the sacrifice has been just that: a massive sacrificing of what you already had in a misguided attempt to get it back.

Your awakening is your remembering that love, safety, freedom, and feeling amazing all come from within. All we have to do is remove the blocks by asking the question that delivers full knowledge: what is it for? Does it truly deliver?

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.