Salvation is not elsewhere in place and time. It is here and now. (Eckhart Tolle)

To heal is to make whole.

If you see differences between us, you are not seeing in love. Learn to see me truly and see that I am you and you are me.

I know my identity as love and have discovered how to easily extend that love in peace, how to dissolve all conflict through presence, and how to exist in joy now and always. You attack that peace because you are afraid. Fear is what happens when you seek peace, happiness and safety where it cannot be found; in separation.

You continue to hurt because you continue to believe in your specialness—in the ways you are different from me. I no longer see our differences. Yes, our physical forms are different. Our experiences, tastes and opinions are different. But these differences only bring an abundance of great beauty to this dance of life. Our differences have nothing to do with who we are.

Lose faith in your specialness and the false promises of separation. The psychotherapists and the other unhealed healers are wrong. Has this path ever brought anything of value? Here you have only suffered great pain and have found yourself alone, afraid of both life and death, ignorant of the present moment, lost in an uncontrolled mind that is confused.

Let go of fear. Make yourself whole by accepting me as part of yourself. I will not burden you with our differences, will not control you, possess you, manipulate you or diminish you in any way. This is the spark of love and the fuel for the flame that burns on inside you, regardless of your situation. Here you are loved completely while you are also free.

Today you are urged to identify with spirit and unite, make whole, connect in God’s perfect bliss that transcends any particular situation, easily overcomes any challenge, and brings perfect joy with each breath in this life and beyond. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.