To heal is to make whole.

Salvation is not elsewhere in place and time. It is here and now. (Eckhart Tolle)

We hope not for what will come in the future, and regret not what has happened in the past, because we know that reality is only in the now.

We no longer feel held back by our stories. No circumstance needs to change before we can be happy and complete. There is nothing to wait for and are no excuses to be made.

No longer torn apart by the painful tug-of-war between past and future, we are powerfully drawn into the present moment. Here we simply awaken to every sight, sound, taste, feeling and emotion. The energy building in the inner-body now is nothing other than pure love—made stronger with every breath, honored during each meditation, proven through every challenge.

The energy of joy builds until it has nowhere to go, then it extends from you as love—the inspired energy of creation, abundance, health, and everything you once dreamt of in the future. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.