Salvation is not elsewhere in place and time. It is here and now. (Eckhart Tolle)
Attack teaches nothing of value.

My purpose is to create

We were manifested into this world from the void—from nothingness. Why?

So that we might watch the news? Obey authority? Debate politics? Be right? Impress people? Chase money? Fame? To endure a marriage for life? Or to party hard?

Consciousness exists in the realm of nothing, but it is not satisfied to stay as nothing. Through spirit, consciousness expresses itself as form. This is creation. The mind and body can create anything and our abilities to create are strengthened in unity. Love is the fuel for creation and the emotion of unity. Anything made without love is a miscreation.

A portion of everyone’s day involves doing uncreative things (work, parental responsibilities, taking care of the bills), but joy is only possible when we are also free to love, to connect, and to create. Joy is the feeling of fulfilling our purpose; it is our intuition saying “yes”.

Here’s what I’m creating right now: my nonprofit is developing a mobile app to connect people in spirit and love. I’m also filming a documentary movie to show what it means to live these values. I’m also recording a music soundtrack for the movie. At the same time, I’m running a profitable sales agency to generate plenty of income with minimal time spent at work. I’m still able to find plenty of quality time with my daughter. I’m expecting my second child to be born any day now.

If you are inspired, please let us know what you are creating. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.