To gain, you must give, not bargain.
Honesty in a relationship is a natural result of unconditional acceptance.

Today I go beyond faith.

You might recognize the truth in these teachings even in a mind that is conflicted. When you get further along, you may even start to believe. What comes next?

To go even beyond belief is to spiritually awaken—to enter the kingdom of heaven, to know the peace of God, to become fully conscious. These words all mean the same thing—describing the purity of your soul when detached from ego. This is the real you—spirit that goes beyond faith and into being.

You cannot go beyond belief until you believe fully. To wholly believe means that chaos and consistency cannot coexist for long. They are mutually exclusive. Spirit becomes wholly real and ego dies.

“Unify the mind so that it can perceive without judgement.” This requires a daily practice of vigilance. Read, watch, or listen to something each morning that brings you into the realm of spirit. This is your defense against losing yourself in the dream of form and the conditioning of the world. Even the most wonderful book will have little long-term impact if you do not continue this practice daily.

Eventually, your spiritual practice becomes as effortless as true love. Love effortlessly extends outward simply because it cannot be contained. Being limitless, it does not stop. It creates forever, but not in time because your creation has always been. Eternity is yours now, tomorrow and each day after that.


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