Love is always the answer.
Break free

To sacrifice is to destroy everything of value for no reason at all.

To sacrifice is to trade something you do want for something you don’t. Why? What’s the purpose? Here’s the literal definition of sacrifice: “To kill as an offering to God.” Would God ask us to kill? What about the biblical commandment “thou shall not kill”? So who is really asking us to sacrifice and why are we so willing?

The world asks us to sacrifice so much of our time in school or work. In marriages and close relationships, we are also expected to sacrifice ourselves for the vague purpose of the other. We are told that parents must also sacrifice for the good of the child. We sacrifice for our country, for religion, and for nothing more than what the neighbors might think. Why? What is the reward? Does the reward ever come?

If you sacrifice in school, you get good grades. Congratulations, now you can go to graduate school and sacrifice even more. Sacrifice yourself at work and you may (or may not) get a promotion. Congratulations, now you have more responsibilities and can sacrifice even more. Sacrifice your needs to a spouse and what do you get? Well, the expectation that you will continue to sacrifice forever. Through sacrifice, we trade away everything in life we want in exchange for being asked to sacrifice more. This fear-based, blind willingness to prove something to others through sacrifice is making us hollow, empty, depressed and miserable.

Enough. Today we drop sacrifice altogether and awaken to a life rooted in love. This requires freedom. From the perspective of fearless freedom, we look past the noise and listen instead to the answers of intuition.

Now, we begin to serve on our own terms—from a place that feels good—a place of unlimited energy, inspiration and beauty. It is through love, not sacrifice, that we create abundance by taking care of family, customers, colleagues, and business partners. So if anything is to be sacrificed at all, today we sacrifice the idea of sacrifice. There is nothing of value to be found in sacrifice, only in love.

Anyone asking you to sacrifice wants to make you a slave. Rather than agreeing to the terms of slavery, just find the love within. Now give and serve on your terms—with no fear, no guilt, no shame. In the coming days, we begin a radical and dramatic shift away from sacrifice and we move deeply into love. Let’s continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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