Break free
Today I go beyond faith.

To gain, you must give, not bargain.

To bargain is to limit giving by being careful not to give more than is received. If mastered, perhaps a life of bargain is just enough to sustain us. But what would happen if, instead, you were to create for the world a gift far beyond the limitations of bargaining?

Think for a moment about history’s greatest inventors, the great novelists, the world-renowned musicians and beloved leaders. It is they who have manifested the technology and culture we know.

What separates these extraordinary creators from the rest of us is that they understood today’s lesson and lived it. If any of them had bargained upfront, their creations would have been insignificant. Instead, they unleashed something of such extraordinary value—something that produced such an overwhelming gain—that these individuals eventually became rich, famous, and beloved through generations.

The ego is always willing to strike a bargain, but nothing of real value can be gained through bargain. Bargaining means that there cannot be any increase in value, only an exchange of like for like.

Embrace your unlimited power to create. Just start somewhere and continue forever at a pace that feels right. The measure of what you create is not in time and cannot be negotiated upfront. Instead, it must be believed in fully, wholly without doubt, from the realm of spirit and love. Today we live from this place, where nothing can hold us back. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Posted by Abscondo

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