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Love is always the answer.

Spirit is conflict-free

Spirit perceives only what is true in your mind, and connects with only what is true in other minds. While the ego projects to exclude and make separate, spirit extends to bring together as one.

Wherever spirit looks, it recognizes itself and sees no other. This is peace—existence without conflict. This is also love. Love is the coming together as one, which is why love can only be found in spirit. While the ego may speak of a love based on rules, expectations, and exclusion of others; this is not love at all. When the ego declares love, it just as easily justifies attack, manipulation, jealousy and possessiveness.    

You cannot engage in conflict apart from the ego. All conflict depends upon the idea that there is an “other” who is different and separate. Ego cares about those differences, it compares and competes, looks for flaws and judges sins. If you get pulled into any form of conflict, you are making your ego what is real and forgetting about spirit.

To see wholly in spirit is to live without suffering, in perfect love and abundance, and in the peace of God. After you have awakened to spirit, you can still interact with egos, still engage in the ways of the world—and you’ll do so more effectively than ever because now you see it as a game. Play the game of the world, but don’t take it seriously. Stay in the present moment, stay conscious, be love. You are eternal spirit. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.  


Posted by Abscondo

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