Today I go beyond faith.
Let go of the past and begin every day at a higher level of love. (Don Miguel Ruiz)

Love isn’t something you can get. It is something you already have and can give.

Do you accept yourself fully? Can you let go of the condemnation, the shaming, the blaming done to you by yourself and others? Do you know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you? Today we fall in love with ourselves.

You have been taught self-hatred and shame by those who would use this to control you or to possess you—but you are not guilty. Because you have condemned yourself, you have extended attack, argument, complaint, and frustration. From this place of self-loathing, maybe you have abused yourself or mistreated others. This is not something you should feel guilty about—only something to be undone through self-love. Here, in the present moment, it can and will be easily undone through love.

To find love, you must fall in love with yourself. Rather than searching for love in the eyes of another, try lying on your back in bed staring at the ceiling. Here, you can begin to remove the blockages that prevent self-love.  

Love is not what the ego calls love. It is not a gift to be delivered to you by one true soulmate who will save you. Love is not to be found in seduction, nor in promises of commitment, nor in anything another person is supposed to do for you. That’s not love. Love isn’t something you can get. It is something you already have and can give.     

You are perfectly lovable and all the love you need is within you. Can you feel your heart begin to unblock? You are not guilty. We will free you from the guilt, the shame, the regret so that you can fall in love with yourself and then extend that love tomorrow and each day after that.


Posted by Abscondo