Spirit is conflict-free
To sacrifice is to destroy everything of value for no reason at all.

Love is always the answer.

“Teach only love, and learn that love is yours, and you are love.” -A Course in Miracles

In love, the boundaries between giving and receiving are blurred. There are no questions to ask or solutions to work toward. There are no imperfections and nothing more to be desired. Teaching and learning are the same. Life is effortless. Love is spirit—making everything perfect and complete.

At some point in life, everyone has experienced perfect love. We all know what the spark of perfect love is, yet we have come to believe that perfect love is only temporary and fleeting.

If love fades, it is only when the ego takes over. Where is love in attack? In secrets kept? In judgements? In threats to impose conditions? Most marriages and relationships turn love into nothing more than a construct—an idea expressed in symbols of behavior rather than a state of existence that is felt. As the feeling fades, all that is left are the memories, the promises made, and the lifetime of duty and sacrifice ahead. In this, there is no love; and so love is not felt.

If you don’t already know it deeply, here is your mandatory lesson: love is inside you. Do not seek it elsewhere. Can you sit quietly in a room and find all the love you need within yourself? If not, start reading. Start with a book called “The Mastery of Love” by Don Miguel Ruiz. Continue on, perhaps with my book (free at abscondo.com), “Belove: How to End Pain by Escaping Your Ego” by me, Mark Manney. Here you will learn the difference between what the ego calls love and what Love truly is. You will also find quotes from many other must-read books.

Whatever you are going through, wherever you struggle, whatever doesn’t feel right in your life…no matter what it is, the answer is love. Find it within yourself and then extend it, live it, teach it. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.