Let your body’s wisdom point the way. (Deepak Chopra)
Break free

It will not be possible to experience a true awakening if you are not free.

If you are in a relationship that prevents you from changing, from speaking your truth, from doing anything that excites you, then you are choosing your partner’s ego over your spirit. Yes, there are dependencies between you—financial, living arrangements, access to children. But your sacrifice is not the source of your safety and happiness. Making an idol of a relationship means that your faith is not in spirit, not in love, not in the mystery of life or in God. You are placing your faith in one person to save you, to provide everything you need—a strategy sure to fail.

How do you know if you are in this type of relationship? Simple, there are things you can’t do or say. If you were free, you would be able to express every thought, every feeling, share every new idea. You would be free to connect with others in peace, free to do whatever you want and it would all be openly accepted. Yes, there can be challenges, which you would lovingly work through.

If you have chosen to be unfree in a relationship, you may find yourself tempted to lie or deceive. You argue and fight. You negotiate. You resent. You manipulate. But if you were free, there would be no reason to do any of these things. You would just do what you want to in peace.

Spiritual awakening is not something you can keep inside. It requires the possibility of souls connecting in love, honesty, acceptance. You are awakening to universal truth, connecting to the great mystery of life, serving your function and purpose, allowing abundance and love to flow into your life. If you are holding back in fear of a partner, you are making an idol of your relationship and a full awakening is impossible.

To awaken fully, place your faith in the love inside you, in the knowledge that the universe is abundant if accessed in the present moment. Love all completely and unconditionally. Take your partner along in this transformation, and if he doesn’t want to come then it is time to do the most difficult thing of all: accept whatever happens. No judgment of good and bad. Love and let happen. This is when your true spiritual practice begins. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Posted by Abscondo