Today I go beyond faith.
What is it for?

Honesty in a relationship is a natural result of unconditional acceptance.

Offer only unconditional acceptance and honesty in a relationship and experience perfect love. In love’s perfect union, you and your willing partner will reach the depths and the heights that are only possible in spirit. Nothing is more fun, exciting, inspiring and beautiful.

In the early stages, you may get too excited and try to push too far too fast. This may bring a challenge. If either of you end up feeling threatened, hurt, or jealous; then you are to both place even more faith in unconditional acceptance and honesty. Talk freely in the language of love, give your partner space to do the same, and you will move past whatever challenges you are going through.

But try to maintain rules and boundaries and you are deciding for something less than honesty and acceptance from your partner. Anything less than unconditional acceptance is something less than pure love. It is only through pure love that perfect honesty and unconditional acceptance in a relationship is possible. If you have offered this, then you have offered everything and have nothing to fear.

Your right to exist in a state of perfect love is no different from your right to breathe. It cannot be threatened by anyone—but you must have unconditional faith. Keep going, keep offering unconditional acceptance and honesty. If the current relationship ends because of your decision for perfect love, then nothing real is lost—only the cause of your misery. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.