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You cannot be persecuted

To believe attack is real is to make it real. By choosing fear over love, we have decided against freedom. We have given our power to those we call our oppressors.

Yes, egoic people and institutions wish to exploit us and to take advantage of us—as they have done for thousands of years. How we have feared, fought back, resisted, and complained—yet it has only continued. Now we have come to believe that perfect joy and peace is impossible in a world filled with so much hatred, ignorance, violence, and oppression. This is the choice of defeat.

If we do fight back, we do so in the ways we are taught by authority—pulling us in to the very thought system that has created the misery we wish to escape. We argue, we defend ourselves, we threaten, we cast blame and shame, we beg and plead—as if egoic solutions like these might solve the problem of ego. As if anything of value can be found in the external.

You can call it “blaming the victim” if you want (egoic words with no meaning), but those who identify as victims are complicit in the suffering of the world. Playing this role, we have learned to ignore our intuition, to sacrifice, and to turn against ourselves as we have been instructed—adopting the insane values of corporations, governments, schools and churches. We have made real these institutions. Our faith has been in the impermanent—the external.

There is only one truth, though many ways to arrive at it: spiritual ignorance is the problem and spiritual awakening is the solution. You cannot be persecuted because your true identity is not this physical form. You are energy, spirit, and the love inside you is what is real. Consciousness is existence beyond physical form, and it is only here that are untouchable as we exist in peace and are eternally safe.

Nobody can stop us from aligning with spirit. We can love all--forever free to serve, and create in true inspiration. We can turn off the news and listen to our hearts. The thought system of complete knowledge cannot be threatened. You cannot be attacked. This is faith. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.