The only aspect of time that is eternal is now. (A Course in Miracles)
Truth is beyond your ability to destroy, but entirely within your ability to accept. (A Course in Miracles)

What do I want? This question must be answered, and you are answering it each moment.

Can the answer to such a simple question be difficult? Spirit and the ego are the only choices open to you. To seek other options is to choose ego. If you are skeptical or unsure, then you have already made the decision and are living it right now.

What does it mean to choose ego? Belief in ego is belief in separation. You believe you are your thoughts. You are cynical, sarcastic, argumentative, competitive, and want to be right. You believe you are special and get frustrated because few seem to see it. You fear the opinions and decisions of others and obey authority even as you claim to rebel.

You are up, then you are down. You try then fail. You “would be happy if”. You are often jealous, angry, and even lose control. You think teaching can occur through attack (shaming, blaming, reward and punishment). You see suffering and illness as inevitable. You seek temporary escape from the torture of your own mind. You fear. The choice of ego is normal, and it is insane. Most people don’t know that there is another option.

The other choice is spirit. To say “I want spirit” is to learn to exist fully in the present moment, to know that you are not the voice in your head, and that love is the only way. Love is unconditional acceptance, forgiveness, helpfulness and understanding. In love, there is no confusion, no drama, no good and bad, no suffering, no sacrifice, no struggle. Real love (not what the ego calls love) is always the right response to everything. Choose love, choose the eternal now, and align with the spirit which is already within you.

Spirit offers everything, but first the ego must be undone. That is what we are doing here now, tomorrow, and each day after that.