What do I want? This question must be answered, and you are answering it each moment.
How do I experience present moment awareness or living in the now?

Truth is beyond your ability to destroy, but entirely within your ability to accept. (A Course in Miracles)

If it can be threatened or destroyed, then it wasn’t true to begin with. Despite this, the world has taught us the ways of the ego. We have been good students and have been quite complicit in this attempt to destroy truth. Here, lives are wasted because ultimate failure is inevitable.

Know this and instantly let go of all fear: nothing can threaten truth. Fear, if justified, implies that there is something of value that can be destroyed or lost. To live in truth is to realize there is nothing real to fear because nothing real can be taken from you.

Fear is just one emotion that goes by many names: worry, shame, guilt, jealousy, depression and all other negative emotions. From these emotions flow errors like theft, attack, greed, judgement, anger, abuse, murder and all other errors.

Belief in fear is belief in separation—the illusion that there is a “you” which is special and different from the rest of the universe. Live according to the world’s attempt to destroy truth and risk sacrificing your entire life in service to a lie. But acceptance of truth is the release from all fear, the undoing of all error, the end of all suffering and the fulfillment of your life purpose.

The opposite of fear is love. Love is bliss, happiness, creativity, giving, caring, inspiration, laughter, beauty, lightness and all other positive states of being. There is no miracle beyond love, because only love is powerful enough to end all suffering. Acceptance of love is the embrace of spirit and the awareness of life.

“Only what is loving is true.” A Course in Miracles

Love is what you are. All other identities are illusions that breed error. We continue this undoing of error tomorrow and each day after that.