Happiness is found not in getting, but in giving through creation.
What do I want? This question must be answered, and you are answering it each moment.

The only aspect of time that is eternal is now. (A Course in Miracles)

What the mind perceives as time is only the movement of matter in the eternal present moment. The Earth spins around once and we call that a day. It revolves around the sun once and we call that a year. All the while, form is unstable and constantly changing. Some changes are visible, others take place on a scale of smallness that we cannot perceive, and still others on a universal scale so large that we cannot comprehend. But all things change and this we perceive as time.

When we throw ourselves into time, the realm of the ego, we align with this constant change and turmoil. We sacrifice the eternal now only to become like any other form of matter—just stuff that is always striving, colliding, and waring over nothing. Here there is no truth because there is no permanence.

Men have seized power, conquered countries, and put up monuments only to be completely forgotten after this planet spins around the sun a few more times. If you are looking to the future or holding on to the past for meaning, you will never find it. In time, nothing can be gained, nothing is eternal, and there is nothing of value.

But when we awaken to the now, we align not with form but with spirit—which is non-matter (nothing). Our spirit is connected to the vast, unchanging empty space between the stars. This invisible spaciousness within us has no form and cannot be threatened because it cannot be changed. It is, always was, and always will be. This is “I am”—formless existence which cannot be seen, described, or measured in time. Spirit can only be perceived in eternity, which is the same thing as now.

Science, which is the study of matter, is useless here. Senses fail. Logic fails. But on a level beneath this, spirit is real indeed. It is love, it is feeling good, it is energy, it is inspiration, it is everything that matters. Live here, create here, and exist eternally in peace with God. Live in time and align with the dust.

“Eternity and peace are as closely related as time and war.” A Course in Miracles

This is all rather simple. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.