Truth is beyond your ability to destroy, but entirely within your ability to accept. (A Course in Miracles)
You cannot be persecuted

How do I experience present moment awareness or living in the now?

After you finish reading this sentence, close your eyes and watch your next thought very carefully. Did it take a while to come? For that moment, you were fully in the now. No thoughts, only awareness.

Everyone has experienced the present moment, but few have fully experienced the now as a continual state of existence. Today, we go deeply into presence. Stop entirely what you were doing. Savor these words, pausing to look around the room, observing every detail: the colors, textures, movement, sounds. Don’t label or interpret anything, just observe. If thoughts enter, accept and release.

Now we go beyond what can be seen or heard. Notice the inner essence behind everything. Feel the life of this moment, notice how everything slows down. Here time expands. Just like when you were a child—you feel so much quiet energy in just noticing a common moment. You have awakened.

One more suggestion: get The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle on audiobook. Next time you take a long road trip, just let it play. Remain focused entirely on the words, notice the trees zooming by, the birds, the sun, the rain, the clouds. Embrace the constant change within the stillness. You can drive all day in this state and you will experience bliss rather than fatigue.

This same state of existence is reached after days on a quiet beach. It is available always, even as we are cooking, brushing our teeth, talking with our children, or at the grocery store.

This is you as truly yourself. In the flow of the now, you are at your most effective, most powerful, and most beautiful. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.