The only aspect of time that is eternal is now. (A Course in Miracles)

Happiness is found not in getting, but in giving through creation.

Having is impossible and nothing can be possessed. Yet we are taught consumerism. Many still believe that getting, taking, receiving brings happiness. Most of us know that this doesn’t work. What truly makes us happy is to use these minds and bodies for what they were designed to do—to create.

The mind is always creating or making something—even if it comes in the form of egoic miscreations like scheming or attack. Even in sleep, our minds create in the form of dream images. Awake, our hands can give shape to matter—whether in the form of the written word, works of art, or something practical or useful. Our voices give form to consciousness—allowing us language to share this dream of life. It is self-evident that these beautiful bodies are perfect tools for creation.

Happiness is found not in getting, but in giving through creation. Realize fully that you are not your mind; rather, the observer of the mind. Now the mind serves spirit, it becomes a tool for spirit. Now you can channel true inspiration directly from God and everything you create is perfect. There is nothing we can have, but everything we can give.

Now how to create? First, know that nothing created from fear or ego is real. While ambitious and requiring great effort, egoic creations don’t matter over the long-term. Yet that which is created from love cannot fail. When consciousness is brought into existence it may change form but is never lost.

Love all and do everything from love. This is making, doing, experiencing, creating with the joy and energy of life itself. This is how we change the world. Consciousness wants to come into this world and that is why you are here. Create from this place of inspiration and of love. Do what excites you to align with all the power in the universe. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.