You cannot be persecuted
The way to end a bad dream is to awaken.

Beauty is experienced only when the mind is still.

“Mind can neither recognize nor create beauty.” Eckhart Tolle

The greater your ability to see without thought or to observe without labeling, the greater your capacity to experience and appreciate beauty. Others may talk of a beautiful day, comment on a beautiful flower, but true beauty can only be experienced in the absence of thought, the absence of words and labels.

“The mind, left to itself, creates monstrosities.” Most of today’s art and music is created from the mind. An artist who does not know how to stop thought cannot create anything of beauty—only works of ambition that exhaust an audience rather than inspire. These miscreations of the mind may grab the attention of other minds for a moment but, absent of beauty, cannot inspire and therefore cannot endure.

An egoic work of ambition sometimes produces short-term success, but only after massive promotion. As promotion fades and a new hit emerges, it will disappear and be forgotten. Works of true beauty, on the other hand, slowly grow in popularity and then endure for ages. That which is truly beautiful is timeless.

To create from the realm of spirit, the zone of complete knowledge, requires no thought and little effort. Giving birth to a true work of beauty leaves you energized and inspired. Here there is no ambition, no desperation, no awareness of competition and no possibility of failure.

To perceive from the realm of spirit is to let go of the problem of information overload. You easily ignore that which was created only with the ambition to engage your mind. Instead, you notice only that which is truly beautiful—that which connects you to the realm of love, life, and truth.

Now we learn to create gaps in thought so that we can see beauty tomorrow and each day after that.