Motherhood is selfless service to creation. Thank you.
I am love.

You are innocent.


“Innocence is wisdom, because it is unaware of evil and evil does not exist. It is aware, however, of everything that is true.” A Course in Miracles

The world tells us that evil is real. Religion tells us that we are all sinners. We are taught to fight evil in the world and to resist temptation within. The method of teaching this lesson is projection of fear in the form of blame, shame, and guilt. To teach fear is to attack, and attack never teaches the intended lesson.

What the world calls evil and what religion calls sin is, in truth, only error. The error is always the same—to act without love. The only correction to error is to act with love. Therefore, the only way to teach is to love.

The world has miscreated something called ego and you have believed that it is real. All forms of thought and belief lead directly to action, so you have judged, defended, prosecuted, and jailed just as you have offended and been victimized. You have made an idol of the ego and this has been the justification for your drama and suffering. You have carried such a terrible burden and now you let it go.

Now you remember that you are innocent. All the lessons you have been taught through attack are false. If you have errored, it is only because you have believed those false lessons and have acted without love. The eternal correction is to find self-love, which is easy now that you know you are innocent. From the perspective of self-love, when you see error in another, you will see it in truth. All error is a cry for love. To correct error, extend love. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.