What is the Consciousness Revolution?
The world is about to be awakened.

How do I find myself?

As children, we wonder what we will be when we grow up. What will be our chosen profession? Will our dreams come true? Who will we fall in love with or marry? These are all fascinating questions, but the answers to these questions have nothing to do with who you are.

Eventually, you may even realize that there is no meaning in career or status. You might then become a “spiritual seeker”. You might travel to India to “find yourself”. While you may be embarking on a great adventure, and you may learn a great deal, it will not be possible to find yourself.


To look for yourself in the external world is to seek but never find. You cannot find yourself, you cannot “become complete” with the addition of anything. You already are yourself and you already are complete, right now. You’re already there and you’ve always been there. You are the consciousness, the observer of it all. No matter what happens in the external world of form, your true identity can never be threatened. You are.

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

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Posted by Abscondo