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December 2017

The Pre-Christmas Season

Just a few days before Christmas and, let's face it, people are in a really shitty mood. 'Tis the season of rage, attack, fear, greed, and expectations--which is quite funny to watch from a position of peace and calm. 

Good tidings (whatever that means) aren't something we can postpone until some magical date.  If you think it is possible to attack now and suddenly transform yourself to a happy, wonderful, loving person on Christmas Eve....well, you might find that you fall short of your expectations indeed.

Merry F**king Christmas

Most people don't know that it is possible to eliminate all negative emotions. Insanity is not inevitable.  

How to change your future

What do we mean when we say we "have a future" with someone?  Similarly, what are we dreaming about when we imagine a different or better future?

What we perceive as a new future is really nothing other than a new union--a new coming together of two souls.  That's why, when you meet a new romantic partner, you perceive a future together.  What you are actually perceiving, instead, is union in the present moment.  Similarly, when you get a new job, find a new business partner or customer--you feel as though you have a bright future.  This actually has nothing to do with the future at all; rather, has everything to do with the union you have created with a new person in the now.

No better or different future can be found by remaining in a state of isolation or separation.  Consider, for a moment, that the future you seek is actually to be found in the present-moment relationship you need.  Stop planning for the future and start learning to connect with others in the now.  Learn to connect with yourself, then open yourself to others in the present moment (which is all that exists and ever has existed).

There is nothing in the world more precious or powerful than two souls coming together harmoniously in union.