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World's best floatation tank therapy

If you would like to find peace with yourself while growing closer to God, come to Croatia. The water here is salty enough, and calm enough, that you can float on your back without any effort. Find a quiet part of the sea, swim out as far as you like, close your eyes and float for as long as you can. Feel yourself connecting with the coolness of the water, with the warmth of the blazing sun. After some time, you lose not just your balance--you lose any connection to time and space. You feel as if you are suspended, slowly spinning around. Now, open your eyes and realize that you are exactly where you were before, safe and sound. Feel your senses become more alert. See, hear, touch, and smell with uncommon clarity. 

Away from all that is artificial, one's thoughts naturally orient around what is real.  And just what is real? The water, the sun, the rocks, the trees, the crickets, the waves, the infinite details in between. Your thoughts become not so much thoughts, as observations. You are aligned with your source. Now read a little (but not too much), write a little (just until you feel tired of it), listen to some music (paying attention to every sound), engage in deep conversations about nothing, sleep, repeat.