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The People Economy that revolutionizes the way we live and work

I'm proud to announce my new business venture. It is not so much a social media startup, but a revolution. It is an alternate economy that provides a real alternative to the corporate economy.


Abscondo is my artistic outlet. It is the place I come to for inspiration, the place where I can express feelings and share ideas. But ideas pale in comparison with action.

At this point in life, it is time for me to take action that is long overdue. The Abscondo blog will track this challenging journey I have chosen for myself.   

Can love set you free?

To be alone is to be free. Does falling in love mean losing that freedom, or can love set you free?

Why, when a relationship is based on love, should it require any rules or conditions at all? Why must lovers, life partners, spouses attempt to control each other? Is love, itself, not the controlling force and the glue that holds two otherwise free and independent people together? Does something else really need to be negotiated beyond that?  

It is possible for love to come with no rules or conditions.  Love is two people accepting each other to the extent that they are one. To become one is to trust that anything the other person does, says, thinks, or wants cannot possibly be meant to betray that love. To question this is to question your love, itself.  Without the burden of rules or conditions, betrayal and disappointment is impossible. Everything has already been accepted and forgiven, unconditionally, through love. This unconditional love is the only form of true love. Anything less fails to live up to love's potential.

Nobody has any right to create rules for anybody else. The moment something is forbidden and threats are made, then honesty and openness cease to exist about that topic. By the very act of attempting to control another person, you eliminate the possibility of open communication and you will always have the question in your mind about what is really going on.  You are no longer connected to the person, no longer one, in that space and about that topic. This is why rules, conditions, and controlling behavior destroys love.
The worth of a relationship can only be judged by what you have between you and the other person. What do you feel? What do you share? Are you happy? Do you feel crazy in love? Do you trust that he or she wants what is best for you? Are you on the same side? Those are the only questions that matter. When those things are right, nothing can threaten the relationship. If those things are broken, no rule or condition can be imposed to fix it.
This, what I'm describing, is not how people actually do love in today's world. Far from it, the vast majority behaves as though love is something that can be argued, negotiated, possessed, and controlled. What starts as something pure, beautiful, and freeing in the first stages of a relationship ends up becoming a series of ugly fights that flow from the deep, growing resentment. Resentment is the direct result of being controlled and restricted. But, as soon as a relationship becomes "serious", most people start changing it from something free and beautiful into something that makes us feel alone and trapped. We do it by trying to control each other.
Love should be a place that feels infinitely better than being alone in our freedom. Love is being even more free together with someone than you are free alone. Love is adding possibilities, not removing them. Love cannot be threatened by anything external because nothing is stronger. So there's nothing to worry about and nothing, at all, that needs to be controlled, restricted, or limited.