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December 2012

Abscondo podcast to continue (with new theme)

In 2013, I plan to continue putting out regular editions of the Abscondo Podcast.  However, the theme of the pocast will be very different from what it has been in the past.

The new Abscondo Podcast will consist entirely of interviews and conversations on the topic of our hopes and dreams. Our dreams help guide and motivate so much of what we choose to do in life, but few of us ever have the chance to discuss this topic in an open and yet supportive way. What do we want, what do we desire in life, and what do we dream about?  My hope is that this show will become sort of a community to help us achieve our goals and dreams.  If nothing else, an ongoing discussion on this topic will tell us a lot about the world we live in.

So I'm seeking guests all around the world who are willing to talk with me about their dreams.  I'll record the interviews on Skype.  Let me know if you're interested in participating!