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What do you want?

This is a simple question.  I'm not asking "what should you want?" or "what is OK to want?" or "what is realistic to want?"  I'm asking what you want!  Do you know the answer?

The answer to this question is uniquely yours.  The unique you comes alive the moment you own the answer, accept he answer, and begin to live the answer.  The answer to this question is your identity.  It is so powerful that sometimes we are afraid to speak it.

Who you are today is just a detail.  None of us are much different from any of us.  But, when we are brave enough to answer this simple question, we somehow transcend place and time.  We immediately and forever become more than we are.  The answer to this question defines your life as timeless, your soul as ageless, and your present-day burdens as weightless.  The answer to the question, "What do you want?" ignites your life.

No desire is too big.  Life is long enough for any and every desire.  There is time, but only if you do.  The first step is to say it to yourself.  In time, you'll be comfortable proclaiming it, talking about it, arguing about it with the ones you love.  Eventually, what you want will become your identity.  It is then that what you want becomes what you are.

Strangely, I care what you want.  If you own what you want, own who you are, and become who you were destined to be, then we all benefit from your existance.  Your voice needs to be heard and your vision needs to be seen.  I believe in you, your nature, your desire, and your internal wisdom.  Just try to respect the rest of us on your journey.  Try to remember that we all feel just as strongly as you do.  Our dreams are just as important as yours.  Our lives just as meaningful. 

So what do you want?  Tell yourself.  Tell your loved ones.  Tell me.  Tell the world.

The new single!

The new single "Strangled Into Gray" is the first release by the Abscondo band.  It will be available soon on iTunes and other digital channels.

"Thunder" is also being released as a b-side to the single.