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The Pennabilli Remix of "Victory in a Landlocked Sea"

I announced back in November that a recording artist in Italy called Franco was working on some remixes of my solo version of "Victory in a Landlocked Sea".   I've been sitting on these tracks for some time and thought it was a good time to share his great work.

It is very likely that the Abscondo band will be reworking parts of the album in the coming months for the commercial release later in the year, but in the meantime I also wanted to share the remixed tracks so that you can here Franco's unique perspective on the music.


01 - Abscondo - Different Future (Pennabilli Remix)

02 - Abscondo - I Created (Pennabilli Remix)

03 - Abscondo - I'll Die Smiling (Pennabilli Remix)

04 - Abscondo - 86 Reasons (Pennabilli Remix)

05 - Abscondo - Consciousness (Pennabilli Remix)

06 - Abscondo - Victory in a Landlocked Sea (Pennabilli Remix)

07 - Abscondo - Truth Is (Pennabilli Remix)

08 - Abscondo - Books Fall Apart (Pennabilli Remix)

09 - Abscondo - Running Wild (Pennabilli Remix)


Download the zip file for MP3 versions of all 9 Pennabilli Remix tracks.

Here are some pics of the Pennabilli Theater and Residential Recording Studio.
Matteo-toni Teatro_esterno 7 31