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Belle & Sebastian (podcast episode)

Click the gray box below to listen to the Belle & Sebastian tribute podcast, including 3 covers of some of my favorite B&S tracks.


As I performed these covers this morning, I remembered and felt exactly what B&S means to me.  Check out one of my B&S covers:

Belle & Sebastian always made it feel OK for me to connect with that child-like place inside of me…to see my world as though it were being filmed through a Super 8 camera…to somehow feel nostalgic about the very moment I was living in.  The purity, simplicity, and honesty of their melodies changed my life.


I saw B&S play live in Seattle twice.  The first time, I absolutely couldn’t believe it was really happening.  Up until then (2001), they really hadn’t toured much.  This contributed to their mystery.  For me, they were from some imaginary world of Glasgow and it was so far off in my imagination that I would never really touch it…well maybe if one day I would be lucky enough to go there.  But then there they were, in front of my eyes!  It was just 2 or 3 days after 9/11 and there was some debate about whether holding the concert was even appropriate.  It was.  For those in attendence, this concert was a clear reminder that life would go on.


The strange thing is, both times I’ve seen Belle & Sebastian live, I left feeling slightly disappointed.  I guess it is impossible to capture the purity and the magic of their recordings...which for me are from another, more perfect world.  Check out their best work: "The Boy with the Arab Strap", "Sinister", "Tigermilk", and any of their EP's from the 1990's. 


Belle & Sebastian, 2010
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