Life productivity
The word that few are talking about

Structured discipline, controlled chaos, and the in-between

As a follow-up to my last post, it should also be said that too much productivity can make you a miserable drone!  Then again, too much chaos and a lack of focus can suck up your time, your energies, and your life's meaning just as fast.  So there must be some sort of ideal balance. 

In my ideal world, there's structured discipline (focused work with a purpose) and then there's controlled chaos (going crazy for a limited time and trying to stay within some reasonable, self-imposed limits).  Time spent in either of these two states is what makes life successful, thrilling, and happy.

Then between these two states is something safe, boring, no fun, unproductive, and truly a waste-of-time.  This is where most people (including myself) live if they do not force themselves to the polar opposites (which I've just described above).  It is the "in-between" that should be minimized or even avoided because this is where you waste time and even waste your life!

How to avoid the in-between?  Schedule the extremes and force yourselve into them.  How else would one hope of swinging back-and-forth between these modes if not through structure and scheduling?