An authentic day in Kosice
Interview with CBS Pittsburgh

An authentic past...on tape and in song

My upcoming album will be a celebration of everything personal and authentic.  To that end, I've decided to use samples from my own past. 

I've been going through decades of home movies in search of those perfect moments of joy, authenticity, or inspiration.  How amazing it is that some woman practicing piano with an open window in Bratislava in 1993 might be on my album...that the singing voice and the laughter of loved ones who have passed away will also be on my album.  Then there are the beautiful or somehow significant sounds I may not have noticed the first time around.  I hope that my songs might articulate these moments for you, and that the energy of these moments might illlustrate the emotions behind my music.

I am always skeptical of technology and the impact it has on my life, but just think about how technology makes my songs come together: lyrics written on a beach in Croatia, piano tracks recorded in the basement of a school in Kosice, drums recorded in Los Angeles, vocals recorded on the weekday mornings of the summer of 2011, and samples from moments of the past 20 years of my life...all mixed on a laptop, sent to California to be mastered, then spread around the internet, to your computers and MP3 players, to finally be made audible in your living room.  Beatiful.

The album is still many months away, but in the meantime I would encourage anyone to pick up my debut album, Midnight Snow.