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Erase Your Debt in 3 Years (Podcast Episode)

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Abscondo Podcast - 29 - Erase Your Debt in 3 Years

Sometimes the most obvious truths are the hardest to hear.  Sometimes what everyone knows to be true is almost never said. 

When this happens, we're left looking around at a world that is turned upside-down.  That which is obvious, good, and simply true becomes that which is unspoken.  Behavior that is destructive, foolish, and harmful suddenly becomes the norm.  Good ideas are dismissed as old-fashioned.  Even the wisdom of our parents and grandparents gets crushed under the weight of our own naivety and arrogance. 

But there are some truths that are so fundamental they they will eventually confront us one day whether we like it or not.  The topic of this week's podcast is money.  Money certainly isn't everything, but a complete lack of it can sure make it seem that way. 

Then there's debt, which is nothing other than slavery.  As we slide into debt, we are selling our tomorrows in exchange for something we want today.  Each time we sell off that freedom, we better be doing it for a damn good reason and there better be a solid plan to pay off that debt.

Today we talk to David Weliver, who runs the website moneyunder30.com.  The interview was recorded on David's 30th birthday.  Listen to the show to find out how he paid off $80,000 of personal debt in just 3 years.