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Tradition (the final podcast episode of the 2010 season)

Sofia and I decided to make this the final podcast of the 2010 season.  With the work involved in the publication of my upcoming book, the continued recording of the full-length album, and with all of the other stuff going on in our “real lives” right now, we thought it would make sense to take a short break from the podcast.  So check back on February 4th, 2011 for the start of a new season.  Better yet, visit the podcast page and enter your email address to be alerted when the next show comes out.

We end the season with what is, perhaps surprisingly, a very important topic.  This is the season of holidays and the season of tradition.  In our search for an authentic life, each of us has to come to terms with what tradition means to us…which traditions to honor and which to discard.  Tradition, in our lives, goes beyond a holiday here and there.  Tradition is, indeed, the force that holds cultures and societies together.  When valued and honored properly, tradition is also a force that helps us collectively push back against corporate exploitation.  Without tradition, we are merely lonely, isolated consumers.  

Click the gray box below to listen in and take part in a coversation that is important to each of us in our search for an authentic life.


Abscondo Podcast - 27 - Tradition (back on Feb. 4th)


Government is the problem (podcast episode)

This week we introduce the idea behind my upcoming book.  Inspired by the recent Republican victories in Congress, Mark unveils the idea that ends government as the problem.  This podcast is for you only if you care about American politics.

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Abscondo Podcast - 26 - Government is the Problem

Tea Party tax day protest 2010


Music In Our Lives (podcast episode)

This week Sofia and I discuss music.  We talk about the role music has in our lives, how we discover a certain band, how we find ourselves following a particular genre, how we share music with people we care about, and how and when we listen to the music we love.   This episode is for anyone who loves music or has ever loved music.  

Click on the gray box below to have a listen.  Over the next few weeks, I'll be making several blog posts where I discuss a few of the bands I love.  I look forward to sharing with you a few of the musicians who influence me and make my life far better than it would have been without them. 

Abscondo Podcast - 25 - Music In Our Lives

* Album cover to "Riot on an Empty Street" by Kings of Convenience.  I chose this image only because it seems like the perfect music-listening situation.