Boxing out
Happiness is an Authentic Life

The season of creativity begins...

My Summers are always a time to take-in, to relax, to savor moments.  Summer gives inspiration but does not ask us to act on that inspiration.  Then Summers' memories, which can at times fill all of our senses, suddenly fade into something else entirely as Fall begins.

Now, as I listen to the rain on my window on yet another cold, Autumn day, I'm thinking about exactly how long Winters in Eastern Europe actually are!  But somehow the changing of the seasons also make me feel quite content; as I've also learned that I need the seasons of the year as the most natural source of healthy change and healthy life balance.

Now starts my season of creativity.  As the days grow darker, they bring a certain kind of stillness and inward focus.  It is in this state, in my dark room with just a few colorful lights or candles, that I can once again begin to record, to write more, to look inward and pour out everything I have thought, felt, and become in these last months...these months since my first child was born, these months of challenges and successes in my new role at work, these few months since we've started podcasting, these months since releasing just a glimpse of the new Abscondo vision in the Fo(u)r Colors EP, of doing my first few interviews, traveling, nights drinking wine on the balcony, nights on Kosice's main street watching people walking by, and so much more.  Come to think of it, these were also months of action...but not really.  It was mostly brainstorming, perceiving, taking-in, sensing.

At this moment I am so full of energy.  I know exactly what needs to be done next and cannot wait to begin.  So these long hours of focused creativity will accompany me through the long, dark Winter.  Of course Sofia and I will maintain contact with the outside world through the weekly podcast and through the blog, but at the same time the energy will go into the hard work of building something great.  When the album eventually does emerge, when and if another "secret project" I'm working on eventually does emerge to accompany that album...when the "Springtime" of my creative season begins and the content is released out to the world to hopefully grow and spread...I can only hope that my audience embraces my creative output just as my creative process embraces you.