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An Authentic Life

On this important 12th episode of The Abscondo Podcast, we bring together all of the concepts we've been discussing and define, more precisely than ever, what we mean by an "authentic life" and why we feel it is such an important topic.

We open the show by describing why we think you'll find this topic important and relevant.  From there, we get into the 4 basic principles that we can follow to create conditions in our lives so it is possible for our unique, authentic selves to be developed and nurtured.

After more than 5 years writing about these topics on this blog, I feel that it is finally possible to draw some conclusions, to tie all of it together into a coherent set of consistent ideas and principles.  I have also begun a series of interviews as a guest on other podcasts and on radio shows to discuss the subject-matter in this episode. 

In future podcasts, we will get into many of these concepts in more detail and, of course, also go way off-topic from time-to-time!  But we felt it was time to define all of this much more precisely, to speak from the heart and to speak from experience.  We hope you find some of the ideas helpful, or at least mildly interesting...or at the very least offensive!

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