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The Truth Is...

This week's podcast (click here to listen) is called "The Truth Is".  Sofia and I talk about the value of "truth-seeking" as we discuss the reasons why some chose a life of truth-seeking and why many choose not to.  We ponder the question "Is ignorance bliss?" in relation to some of the long-term benefits of truth-seeking.

I've long been intrigued by the topic of "truth-seeking" and how, in the current social climate where relativism is supreme and each of us are entitled to our own opinions, people no longer seem to care whether an idea has any basis in truth.  What I'm describing here is a lazy attitude where one can easy brush off even the most well-reasoned or well-researched statement or argument as "just your opinion", just at they do the same to the most ridiculous idea or argument.  However, during my years as not just a truth-seeker, but also a truth-teller, I've occasionally also noticed an almost militant resistance or backlash to certain positions or discussions about certain topics.  We might question the dynamics behind such emotional reactions.

What I finally realized is that even the most well-reasoned, most factual position does not tend to penetrate an individual who is not a truth-seeker (at least not immediately).  However, it is also true that, oftentimes, a strong argument grounded in deep and obvious truth has a way of "sinking in" over the coarse of months or an individual unavoidably begins to perceive his/her world with the new "tool" of that new idea.  Indeed, each of us comes to truth-seeking not as a conscious act, but as an unavoidable consequence of truth being shined on us at some point.  So maybe this illumination sets off the process, but what we do from there is our own, individual decision.  We can only go so far if we do not consciously decide to seek truth as an end in itself.

So, the truth is, we all have to make up our minds about whether or not we value truth and the never-ending quest for more of it; or whether we, instead, place greater importance on things like self-preservation, short-term happiness, or social acceptance.  In this podcast, we acknowledge the genuine difficultly of this life-decision.

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