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Absconding an unsustainable lifestyle

This Friday's podcast addresses topics posed in the Abscondo song "Insecurities" in relation to the inevitable changes we are all confronting as we lead lives which are unsustainable.  We will discuss Europe's volcano-related travel disruptions, how this could be a tipping point that brings on the next Great Depression, and how this might affect our lives for the next decade.

This week, the commercial news media is desperately clinging to a tone of "normalcy" as millions of people are in the midst of absurdity.  What's significant about this mess, despite the frustration and suffering of all those caught up in it, is that I think this very-well could be the tipping point that will lead to the next Great Depression (the first Global Great Depression).

With the consumer and government debt bubbles worldwide, housing bubbles worldwide, a completely out-of-control and corrupt "rigged market" that is controlled by an untouchable financial elite in New York in London, peak oil, and a planet entering environmental chaos...all it will take is the wrong event at the wrong time.  This could be the "straw that breaks the camel's back", or if we're lucky it could be the next one...who knows.

Regardless, this got us thinking about our unsustainable lives, how they might change, and what those changes might mean in a practical sense.  Interestingly, this topic sort of coincides with the theme of a song I've recorded for the next album...a song called "Insecurities".  We will actually structure the conversation of this show literally around the chorus of this song:

You want this lifestyle to last forever

When you can't even stand today

You see fears where I see colors

Don't live a life a day away

Listen to the podcast for a fresh version of this song, with Sofia on backup vocals.  The sound of this song gives you a pretty good idea what I'm up to for the next album.  So far, I'm very pleased with the results (if I do say so myself) and can't wait to share it with the world.  Please tell me what you think by posting any comments / feedback here.

By the way, we usually finish the show a day early and get it uploaded right away.  I want to keep the scheduled Friday release dates for the podcast, but regular listeners can also check the blog on Thursdays and I might post the link to the show if it is done early.  Click here for early access to this Friday's show.