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First major Abscondo concert set for January 8th

Even after having released two albums over the past two years, after thousands of album downloads and hundreds of thousands of listens across the web, the Abscondo project has, to this day, remained something kept within the safe confines of my own flat.

However, this is about to change when I perform as the opening act in support of our band, Sungod Abscondo, at Tabačka Kulturfabrik in Košice, Slovakia on Friday, January 8th at 8:00 PM.

The set will be kept to 5 or 6 songs, just me on my acoustic guitar.  I plan to perform mostly original songs from my two albums, though there might also be 1-2 covers. 

After this short opening act, the stage will be set for a loud and intense performance by the international Rock Band Sungod Abscondo, which recently added a bassist and drummer and is sounding better than ever.  Our up-and-coming band is having lots of fun and quickly attracting significant local attention.

I am approaching this Abscondo debut with a great deal of anticipation, but also a few mixed-feelings.  The entire concept of Abscondo has been centered around the idea of avoiding too much attention so that I could safely and freely explore those private, personal spaces.  This, indeed, were the only conditions which could have led to the sound I actually came up with.  But I feel that the project has found its purpose and its identity.  It is time for the next phase.

Indeed, I have decided that the time has come to bring these very personal songs to a live audience.  There is probably no better venue locally for doing this than the new Tabacka club.  So Saturday, January 9th will be a special day in my life and, if I can help it, a special evening for those in attendance.