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Fear of authority

I no longer approve of President Obama

I'm glad that I wasn't one of the millions of hopeful Americans giving as much of their time, energy, and money as they possibly could to get this man elected.  He campaigned on "hope" and "change" and I wondered back then when the hell we were supposed to be hoping for.  His promises looked thin.

Of course I understood that democratic change was impossible in the USA because, after all, the USA is no longer a democracy.  It is a corporate-controlled state that maintains its democratic functioning as a sport-like side-show to pacify its subjects.  Indeed, American democracy died off in the 1960's.

How can I make such a claim?  The simple truth is that no significant, positive democratic change has come to the American people through its government during the past 40 years.  I challenge anyone to name one.  The democratic system is not functioning in the sense that it is possible for "the people" to shape policy according to their needs or desires.  To the contrary, only the most powerful corporations have any power to do so.

So, as expected, I'm looking at the Obama presidency and realizing that nothing at all has changed.  We are still fighting immoral and illegal wars, based on lies, in both Iraq and Afghanistan because the military industrial complex wants it so.  On top of this, Obama easily approved the biggest mafia heist in history when he turned over trillions of borrowed dollars to the financial institutions who threatened to destroy the economic system as a result of their own corrupt behavior.  Now he begins to tell us that no real health care reform can be expected because the insurance companies don't want to allow anything that will hurt their profits.

So, the country is heading straight toward collapse (due to the impossibly large budget deficit created only to fund the looting) as people are being killed and lives are being ruined (in wars and through lack of a health care system) and all as the environment is simultaneously being destroyed.

So we're supposed to sit back and love our "nice-guy" President?  OK, in fairness, maybe real change isn't possible.  Maybe the CIA will take him out JFK-style if he orders the troops home or does anything meaningful.  So this is about self-preservation?  In that case, he can piss off because sending others out to die in a war to save your own life...watching others suffer and die needlessly in a non-health care system for the purpose of self-preservation...watching the country and the planet plunging toward destruction while telling us that change doesn't happen overnight...those are hideous, unforgivable acts.  You should never have run for office. So which is it, are you a coward or are you simply not on our side at all?

If you become President of the USA, you ought to change something or die trying. 

I'm glad that all did to support this President is give him $100, because that's about all he deserves so far.