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July 2009

An American in Paris

There is no European dream
Just the life experience
From the land f the un-free
To a time and place to free us

With a glove that never fit
On a hand that didn't need it
Walked away from that sad, cold room
I quit

You might ask when I'll be back
But if you heard my lazy laugh
And knew that its not at you
You'd see I never intend to

In an artful walk that passed me by
I saw my future
Foreign languages, but familiar eyes
I feel alive

So there'll be no European dream
Dreams will never free us
From the land of the unseen
In a place where we can be us

Pohoda festival 2009

Patti Smith saw it coming
Strong woman amplified
Will we stand or start running?
Be the future or hide?

When The Ting Tings said We Walk
Late that first night
Yeah when The Ting Tings said We Walk
They were exactly right

A little bit of rain
A darkening sky
When the fatal gust came
That day at 2:59

Travis, LAMB, Ms. Torrini
Now entirely reduced
By a breathless blond on TV
Thousands walking in wet shoes

The sea of toxic faces
The flood of worried friends
The airborne event erases
What will never be again

But if something has a value
Does it also have a price?
I'd bow my head in sadness
Then stand into the night

To the sad void of security
From the freedom of the rain
Wish they all were listening
To what Patti Smith was saying