Happiness isn't a right
Michael Jackson's death: an American metaphor

New video for my song Strangled Into Gray

You start to get a sense that a song means something to people when they feel compelled to not just listen to it, but reference it, analyze it, or use it in a derivative work. 

This video was taken from a short film created by an American film student whom I've not met.  One day I was searching YouTube and came across it, then asked him if I could use the footage to create a proper music video.  This wouldn't have been possible if I hadn't licensed my music under "Creative Commons", whereby anyone can do whatever they want with it.  In fact, this is precisely what I had hoped for when I freed my music into the public domain.

On a side note, I found another attempt by someone out there to create a video for this song.  This video is kind of cute and takes the song very literally.