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The Achilles Heel of the Obama Administration

On October 28th, 2005, I wrote a post about the Achilles Heel of the Bush Administration.  I was correct in that analysis.

Today I think it is also apparent that what was once Obama's greatest strength will prove to be his greatest weakness in the years to come.  Barack Obama got to where he is largely because of is win-win approach to problem-solving.  He'd much rather work together than pick fights.  He'd rather work with the Republicans than work against them.

I agree with this philosophy to a large degree.  It is, after all, how I conduct my life.  I don't wage wars I can't win.  I look for a win-win-win in every situation and believe that, in most cases, there is no real conflict in a situation.  However, I don't think this philosophy works in the position of President of the USA. 

When faced with the bankers robbing and looting the treasury, when dealing with the fact that the Bush Administration committed war crimes, it isn't enough to play nice.  If the current government fails to punish war crimes, fails to punish the subjugation of the U.S. Constitution over the past 8 years, fails to convict the hundreds of bankers who have committed fraud against the American people, then all of these behaviors will only continue.

By definition, until someone enforces the law, the rule of law is dead.  Good intentions fall far short.

Even the best man cannot rule in the absence of the rule of law.  If President Obama is unable or unwilling to fight, his Presidency will fail and so will our country.  To a large extent, when it comes to military and financial matters, his Presidency is demonstrating as much puppetry as did Bush.  We are being ruled by the same runaway system.  If there is any hope at real change, President Obama needs to fight criminality and corruption or die trying.

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