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No Justice: why I'm not ready to move on

The corporate media is now telling us how the American people are tired of arguing over Iraq and tired of talking about George Bush. They suggest that we are tiring of the bitter, "partisan" arguments that have divided us. They echo Obama's message when they tell us that we are ready to come together, put the past behind, and start dealing with the issues of tomorrow.

What they are asking us to do is to make nice, to forgive and forget.  "We all agree that George Bush is a bad guy and maybe we did mess up Iraq, but that's behind us."  So we're told.  But there is one thing missing.  Do we believe in justice or not?

Maybe we're living in a post-justice era.  I mean, if someone were to murder a member of my family, I'd probably just forget about it and move on.  You know...the loved one is already dead...what's done is done. I wouldn't let it eat me up.  Hell no, I'd expect justice! I'd expect someone to be punished for the wrongs they have committed.  Only when justice has been served can one even contemplate moving on and starting the healing process.

So we've had 8 years of rule by not just war criminals, but white collar criminals who have bankrupted our country for their own personal gain. Billions of dollars of our tax money is unaccounted for in Iraq. The list of criminal activity that *we know about* is too long for anything shorter than a book.  Yet, the "opposition party" isn't able to assure us that anybody will be brought to justice? Let's all just pretend that the murderers and thieves who have exploited us are good guys who can continue with business as usual! Come on!

First justice, then we move on.  Without justice there can be no healing.  Our society can never be healthy if we are not able to speak plainly about what was done to us, and by whom, and punish them accordingly.  Until that day all hope is empty, all unity feeble, and all progress reversible.  If a society is no longer capable of bringing its own corrupt elements to justice, then it is no longer capable of maintaining its own existence.

But never mind all that.   We're Americans.   We obey.   If we're told by NBC, CBS, Fox, and CNN to move on, then we shall move on.