Making it personal
To kiss under the mistletoe and not even know it

New songs posted

I'm excited about sharing my three new song demos posted at the top of this weblog.  I think you'll notice that this is an entirely new sound for me; dark, intimate, dramatic, and personal.  I hope you find a way to put on your headphones or plug into some good speakers.  Your computer speakers won't do them justice.  Just sit back and give yourself over to the softness and stillness.

I'm working on a solo album in this vein, but it won't be released for some time.  I'm giving myself time to find perfection, and to find a proper way to reach a wider audience.  But still, I wanted you (those of you I know and those of your I only imagine) to have a listen to what I'm up to.

Let me know what you think.  I hope these songs mean something to you.  Enjoy.

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