The first snowflake
Making it personal

Technology serving nature

Nature both creates and perceivesSensation is nature's way of encouraging life to do take input and create output.  Technology is only useful to the extent that it extends nature's processes while minimizing the extent to which it gets in the way of them.

To allow technology to "suck us in" is to forget forget that even the most advanced computer, stereo, camera, car, or airplane is only useful to the extent that it serves life.  When I am able to capture my ideas and inspirations in a song, and your MP3 player reproduces these inspirations for you on your way to school, technology is serving life.  When you fly to the other side of the world in a day to spend time with the ones you love, technology is serving life. 

But the most direct way to celebrate life, to live fully in the moment, is to put ourselves in situations where we eliminate the technology link altogether.  Seeing a beautiful ocean on your flat-screen TV is great, but swimming in that ocean is divine.

So, while it is true that good technology provides us with sensations as it connects life's creativity with perception, it should never be used in lieu of the real thing...nature-on-nature in time and space.