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I haven't posted here much lately, and I think that has to do with my decision to make this blog less personal.  When I released the Sungod Abscondo album "anonymously", I wanted to erase information from this blog which would give me away (pictures, details about my life, etc.).  I wanted to generalize my thoughts, ideas, and feelings for you.  But I found out that it isn't possible to remove that which is purely human from the circumstances of that human.

As an American expat living in Slovakia for almost three years now, I'm starting to lose track of what is or isn't interesting to the average English-speaker who might stumble across this dark, still, intimate place.  I don't know anymore whether the context of my life makes any sense within the context of yours. 

On one hand, I think this perspective will allow me to write purely...without any preconceived notions of audience.  On the other, my thinking may not resonate.  But I realized recently that, while I talk about the value of living in accordance with the authentic self, I have been unwilling to reveal much about my own authentic self.

This will change in the coming weeks and months.

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