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September 2007


In the past six weeks I have experienced Barcelona, Slovakia, Wisconsin, Boston, Slovakia again, Budapest, and Crete.  My head is full of so many places, beautiful people I've known forever and some I've just met, different demands, pleasures, food, challenges, and worries.  Nothing is linear.  I won't say that I haven't found some sense of normalcy in it; I have.  But time has become a swirl.  I can't organize my thoughts and memories so well.  I've been so part of the world around me that I haven't been able to lose myself in the simplicity of self.

Now as the afternoon Autumn sun shines through my window, at home, in peace...things will now begin to change.  My external focus will be turned inward.  My work, my music, my relationships, and my ideas will now be allowed room to breath.