The immorality of the crowd
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Fucking airports and how we are all knobby twats who put up with it

I fly at least 6 times a year, and any romantic notions of air travel which I might have had years ago are now only desperately trying in vain to reason with those inner voices which easily shout down any such thing.

The fact that humans can fly about the world in structures larger than most buildings, structures that last for dozens of years and hardly ever fail, is of course fascinating.  One cannot overlook or discount the advantages; the opportunity for freedom and experience.  But does it have to be so fucking miserable?

Why must we be trapped inside an enormous structure (airport) for hours?  Why aren't there terraces where passengers can get some fresh air after traveling for hours?  The fascist "security" rules, the way we allow ourselves to be lined up as cattle at passport control lines, the way we allow strangers to touch the most intimate parts of our bodies in search of...metal.  Are we to accept the fact that now we can't even carry our own water onto the plane?  What. The. Fuck.  What about the rigid schedule and penalties for being human for a moment and missing a flight?  The reality of a stranger digging through our underwear, handling your dildo, diary, communist literature, porno magazines, in search of whatever they think they are in search of? 

Forget the bullshit threat of "terrorism."  How exactly is the air travel potential threat more serious than a London or New York metro?  A mall?  A city street?  Why is air travel some sort of distinct reality where no other rules of what it means to be a free human being is to be relevant?  Because of 9/11?  Anybody who gives 9/11 a few minutes of critical thought knows that it wasn't carried out by a few guys with box-cutters.  Come on.

Air travel has become a psychological experiment perpetuated on the populace by the elites...a way to train us to be fearful, to comply, to prepare us to be good sheep and line up for our slaughter when they decide the time has come.  And we continue to line up like good, fearful, and obedient.

Why do we have to sacrifice our humanity to be able to move about the planet as only humans have the ability to do?  Can anybody explain to me why this is acceptable?

OK...I'll see you in line one of these days in Kosice, Prague, Paris, London, New York, Chicago, will be me...I'll be in full, fearful compliance just like you...with one thought on my mind...getting to my destination.