To die trying
Congratulations to the Democrats!

Absconding politics?

Anybody who's known me for a long time knows that I'm very political, and they know exactly what my politics are.  Back in 2002, I was part of the very vocal minority telling every American who would listen that Iraqi WMD's were a lie, that the Bush Administration are corrupt crooks, that the mainstream media was lying about anything and everything to sell a war on behalf of corporate power.

Well of course we were right about everything.  And even though nobody seemed to listen in those days, the painfully long and complicated arguments were apparently worthwhile.  The truth has slowly spread over the past few years.  Now, even the corporate media can't ignore the common knowledge of thinking people around the world.

So elections are tomorrow, and I've found myself strangely silent politically.  Of course I want the Democrats to win both houses, but I no longer feel that the burden falls as squarely on people like me as it used to.  Of course the mainstream media is still full of propagandistic lies, but enough truth has seeped through the failing American propaganda system that there is no longer any excuse for any voter not to be reasonably educated about the truth as it relates to George Bush the war criminal, the corrupt and incompetent Republican Party, and how the US military-industrial complex is nothing other than a cancer on the earth.  At this point, I simply feel that if people vote Republican they get what they deserve: to live an increasingly difficult life of struggle in a third-rate, third-world, has-been superpower.

Of course the other very real possibility is that the entire election will be rigged via the new voting machines, which lack a verifiable paper-trail.  In that case, it doesn't make sense to talk about politics either.  Perhaps this is the issue: that I've actually stopped pretending that the USA is a democracy.  It hasn't truly been one for a very long time (only two parties, and both of them with essentially the same pro-corporate agenda), but this fact was made literally true with the stolen elections of 2000 and 2004.

So what can I say....yeah go to the polls and vote for anybody with a D; either because you believe in the Democratic Party or as a logical moral reaction to the criminal, fascist Republican party of right-wing nuts who could care less if they destroy the world for a quick buck or for the momentary thrill that power brings.  Then go home and cross your fingers, hoping that your vote has been counted.

Either way, America as we knew it and used to believe in it is through.  The idea...the paradigm of the American no longer relevant in a fragile world of diminishing resources.  Everything that is still lovable about it was built long ago.  Let's get real: a catastrophic economic collapse is as inevitable now in the USA as it was in the USSR, and I seriously doubt that the Democratic Party is going to prevent it.  The truth is, if the American system were to collapse, the world could take a momentary sigh of relief (and then get busy building something better).