A life choice: passivity or interactivity
What is it that we hate about being alone?

On betrayal

At this moment, how many people around the world stand on the verge of a fundamental betrayal of nature and their own humanity?  We were born into this world for a single, simple purpose: to be the unique genetic mutation that we are.  To respect nature itself is to be what we are and to allow others to be the sometimes strange yet overwhelmingly beautiful mutation that they are.

We all know this to be true at the deepest levels of our souls.  Without a doubt, we all feel it.  Nature as put this instinct in us.  To hide who we are or to conform is painful.  To force others to do the same is the same.  Every time any of us unquestionably obeys authority out of fear, when we look at others with envy and try to imitate, when we talk sports because everyone else is, when we augment our bodies with surgery, when we starve ourselves to look like models in magazines, when we take corporate drugs to make us seem normal, when our tax dollars are used to overthrow a democratically elected government and destroy the hope of a people, when we put someone in prison for choosing to enjoy marijuana...we are acting in betrayal of nature and we are selling our souls to the cancer that is the corporate-controlled system of oppression which is destroying the world.

Fuck it.  Be who you are and let others do the same.

Posted by Abscondo

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